rich person list in the world

The Rich Person List In The World, Globally

rich person list in the world

Every year Forbes, a business and financial US magazine, always captures rich people. They make a list that shows the numbers of those people. Forbes also informs the reader about the total wealth, the business, until their philanthropy program. Here we will show you to the rich person list in the world. We believe that you know them, or at least using their business product. It might not really important for you. But you can know who they are behind the scene.

As rich people, sometimes they don’t act high in the public. Looking at their appearance, we never think that they have billions of dollars. Thus, it is not fair to see people by its cover. Just because they wear a simple shirt, or not driving a sports car, doesn’t mean that they have nothing. Explore the profile of rich person list in the world below, then you will be amazed by them:

1. Mark Zuckerberg

His name became famous since Facebook was launched into the public. As time goes by, social media becomes more popular. The user is increasing during the time, thus it makes the author definitely rich. Even though Mark Zuckerberg has billions of wealth, he and his wife don’t look that rich. Many publicities show their simplicity. People usually see them in a casual shirt and walk like an ordinary pedestrian.

2. Bill Gates

Just like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and his wife have the same lifestyle too. This ex-CEO of Microsoft has many philanthropy programs, institutions, and uncounted money. But if you search them through the internet, you will see the simple husband and wife couple. In 2019, his wealth is noted around $90. It might be more for his other business that the public doesn’t know.

3. Jack Ma

Jack Ma is included as a rich person list in the world from Asia. People know Jack Ma as the owner of biggest online business in China, named Alibaba Group. For the first time, he only had Alibaba as an e-commerce platform in China. As his success convinced many investors, now his business is still growing. He also founded the Taobao marketplace, Alipay, and many other things you might know from China.

4. Kevin Systrom

Young and rich are the best description for Kevin Systrom. He is a co-founder of Instagram, one of the most popular social media now. In his age 35, Kevin has about 1,5 million USD. It might not that as much as Mark Zuckerberg has. But, seeing his journey and his age, his name becomes in the rich person list in the world.

5. Jack Dorsey

Another social media co-founder is Jack Dorsey. He is a co-founder and ex-CEO of Twitter, the other famous social media around the world. Talking about his wealth, you no need to wonder how rich he is. Jack Dorsey is already known as a billionaire. Even he is no longer the leader of Twitter, he still donates his wealth to the foundation.

Knowing the names of a rich person list in the world should make you more spirited. You can be as successful as them. Find out more about the story about their past. They also passed a hard time, but they never gave up. Until now they reach a life that people are dreaming of.