The Countries With The Best Transportation System That Deserves to be an Example


Every country worthy of habitation has a variety of measures of success. One of them succeeded in building a capable transportation system. No wonder so many countries are so focused on designing the best transportation systems. Here are the countries with the best transportation systems should be useful as examples.

1 Hong Kong

Nearly 90% of Hong Kong’s population uses a public transportation system. The Hong Kong transportation system can meet all tourist needs.

At the top of the list, the transportation system in Hong Kong is by design to meet the needs of its people. Most of the territory has been reached by MTR, the term for subway in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, areas not covered by MTR can still be reached by bus, tram or taxi. There is also a ferry service between Kowloon to the outer islands.

The interconnections are also good connect via the ferry service. Thanks to a mature transportation system, people can travel easily and comfortably in Hong Kong. Things are getting easier because the payment system for all types of transportation uses one card. Octopus.

2 Singapore

Singaporeans are also spoil with a well-connected Mode of Transportation (MRT), buses and taxis. MRT is the fastest way to travel in this Merlion Land. The bus network also reaches almost all regions with very affordable rates.

If you want to be more comfortable and practical, a taxi can be chosen as an alternative. Even though the fare is more expensive, especially at certain hours. Thanks to the quality of the system and infrastructure, Singapore is have rank second in terms of transportation.

3 Japanese

Speed, accuracy, and cleanliness are the keys to successful transportation in Tokyo, Japan. Almost all of the people of Tokyo use metro or subway services. Every day, the metro carries an average of 8 million passengers with a distance of approximately 27,270 kilometers from the monorail to suburban trains.

The train has a good reputation for being on time, with minimal incidents of crime or destruction. The station has a marker on a platform showing where people can stand to be placed right in front of the subway door.

And it’s no secret that Japan has a very efficient transportation system, especially in metropolitan areas and big cities. What’s more, transportation is generally famous to be on time and very convenient. No wonder people prefer to use public transportation rather than private vehicles.

4 Dutch

In this developed country transportation is consider to the main buffer of the economy. That is why transportation infrastructure in the Netherlands built so good, covering the road network, railroad, water and air transportation.

The main cities are connect it to the train. Special, the cyclist is provided with a very decent lane. In addition, with so many canals, it’s no wonder the country is the top rank. With this in mind, the Netherlands one of the countries with the best transportation system that deserves an example.

The country with the best transportation system can be useful as an example for developing countries to develop their transportation systems. To make the country that has the best transportation system, things that need to be addressed are infrastructure, security, safety, and many more.