The Best Fashion Colleges in London for Students


London is a paradise city for various things. Not only locals but also a lot of international student goes to London for their study. London is also a city where tourists visit and stay. On the other hand, London has also high quality of designs. Starting from interiors, products, and fashion design. Combining it together, London is a perfect place for college students to study fashion design. Unlike other places, there are several options for Fashion Colleges in London.

People are starting to love fashion designs. People use fashion for a lot of needs. Some people even use fashion as their main daily use. That is why there are many students that are interested to study fashion. Not as short small courses but as a subject in college. As the fashion center worldwide, London offers many fashion colleges. Here are the top fashion colleges in London students can choose from studying fashion

1. London College of Fashion

This college school is the only campus in the UK that focuses on fashion education. Therefore, it has many classes in it, such as fashion business, costume design, fashion photography and more. Students can join short courses overseas three times a year. Also, successful and famous alumnus usually gives visiting lecturer for the fashion students.

2. The London Royal College of Art

People know the college also as RCA. RCA offers bachelor and post-graduate programs. It is one of the fashion colleges in London that has high grades in the international fashion industry. As also it is well known for the high student success rate. About 93% of the alumnus goes directly working as a fashion designer after graduating.

3. Central Saint Martin’s College

A lot of famous fashion designers were once a student here. Such as Stella Mc Cartney, Paul Smith and many more. Talented teachers and staff would be training the students. As an addition, they are all well experienced. This college always has their student’s fashion the London Fashion Week. As for conclusion, this is indeed one of the best Fashion College

4. Westminster University

Another well Fashion College in London is the Westminster University. This school is famous for the creatives. Their students often make fashion collections and sell them in the market. Likely other universities, require students to have a fashion internship as one of their studies. Students can have their internship with famous fashion designers.

5. University of East London

The University of East London or UEL has 3 majors for fashion students. The options are digital fashion, fashion management, and textile design. The courses allow the students to do an internship in the real fashion industry for one year. This could give students great experience and skills. UEL is famous for its student’s academic success and also the high rate alumnus.

In the fashion industry, London has always been one step further. That is why it is the right decision for students to choose fashion colleges in London. Not only for fashion, but students could also learn more lots of things in this beautiful city.