Choosing The Best Military School For Kids


Military academies have become very popular and favorite to many parents. In Military school, kids do not only study, but they also learn how to be disciplined. So military school isn’t for those who plan to continue to go to the military. However, it is supported by teachers from the military. Therefore, military school for kids is quite exclusive and hard at the same time.

If you are planning to choose a military school for kids, ensure that the kids want to apply too. Because military school is a bit harder and tougher than normal schools. However, the output of military schools will not be disappointed. If they agree, check out these military schools for your kids:

1. New York Military Academy

This is one of the most exclusive military school in the world. It has one of the highest SAT scores in the world, 1200 for average. With this high score imagine how smart the kids inside are. Many kids are eager to apply for this school, however, the competition here is quite tight.

Every year the school only accept 100 students, which makes it more exclusive. The system in the class is a 1:8 ratio between the students and the teachers. With this system, teachers can focus on their students. For parents who want their kids to enter this school must prepare $45,000/year.

2. Fork Union Military Academy

Located in central Virginia, Fork Union Academy is the next best military school for kids. Many famous alumni were from this school such as Sonny Randle, Charles Edwin and many more. Fork union is also tight, but they can accept up to 300 hundred kids every year. When kids get accepted, they will receive a one subject plan for seven weeks. They must accomplish the subject and get the minimum score.

As for the system in the school is also 1:8, students with teachers. The average SAT score is also high, 1110 until this year. The fee to enter this school is around $33,000, which is quite cheaper than other schools. And if you are smart, you can get a scholarship along with the study.

3. Missouri Military Academy

Compared to other academy schools, this is one of the heaviest military school. It applies heavy military tradition with academic excellence. Therefore, whoever applies to this school must be ready for the hard work. The school education determines academic excellence, strong character, leadership skills to their students. Not to forget they also ensure physical developments to all their students.

4. Admiral Farragut Academy

The private academy is one of the schools that accept boys and girls. The school is quite small but very comfortable for those who want exclusive learning. Some of the alumni from this school are Alan Shepard and Charles Duke.

5. Camden Military School

The school in South Caroline is a military school for only boys. They can accept up to 300 students every year with an average of 12 students in each class. The average SAT score here is 1050, so it is also quite high.

Those are some options for military school for kids. Remember that most military schools are quite hard, so ensure your kids are also ready. When they are ready, prepare for the test because it is also very tight.