List of overthrown leaders by the people

Unforgettable List Of Overthrown Leaders By The People In 2000’s


The government should be the most powerful party in the country. Unluckily, history noted some presidents or leaders that successfully overthrown by their people. A conspiracy was one of the causes of government failure. Coup d’etat is another name of this situation. It is the unconstitutional institution that attacks an existing government. When it happens to the country, the condition is uncontrolled. You might learn more about this by knowing the list of overthrown leaders by the people below.

List of overthrown leaders by the people

Talking about the failure of government, in the political view, it is legal to get back the nation’s rights. When the leader threatens the nation’s safety, the people must do something. Thus, throughout history, overthrown happened and became a revolution. If you ever heard the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution, both are just a sample of many overthrown governments. Here is the list of overthrown leaders by the people you have to know:

1. Muammar Gaddafi (2011)

Muammar Gaddafi was also known as Colonel Gaddafi. He was a Libyan politician, political theorist, and revolutionary at the same time. Sadly, at the end of his regime, he was founded in a large drainage pipe. The situation was so chaos until his loyalist shot his back. The Libyans and people around the world could see his corpse for four days at the side of the street. He was a dictator leader and did many sexual cases of abuse.

2. Robert Mugabe (2017)

The overthrown collapsed ahead of the president’s election. Robert Mugabe was the president at that moment. He was ambitious to get rid of his opposition. During his regime, Zimbabwe was very poor and full of corruption. There was a battle between President Robert Mugabe with the army. This chaos was ended when he declared himself to step down from president position.

3. Thaksin Shinawatra (2014)

Thaksin Shinawatra was the famous prime minister of Thailand that is unforgettable. The coup d’etat happened because Thaksin separated the country and let the corruption grew. Since he was overthrown by the people, he moved overseas since 2006. He avoided the sentence of his corruption. Now he lives in Dubai and has a residence in London too.

4. Amadou Toumani Toure (2012)

Malian coup d’etat happened in Mali, West Africa. The action occurred because the government disappointed the people. The people tried to get their democracy back through Barnako, the capital city. There was the president’s resident, TV station, and military barracks.

5. Mohamed Morsi (2013)

Mohamed Morsi failed in growing Egypt economy. When he campaigned for the election, he promised to increase the minimum wage. But, the main reason for the overthrown because he ditched the strongest man in Egypt army, Mohammed Tantawy. However, it caused distrust from the army to his regime.

Just because the era is getting more modern, it doesn’t mean coup d’etat is impossible to happen again. In other words, the more developed the lifestyle, the more people think critically. If you explore more about the list of overthrown leaders by the people around the world, then you will know the dictator has already happened since years ago. It was not related to the era, but the mentality and moralism of the leader itself.