List of Countries With The Most Beautiful Eyes in The World


In this world, are a kind of people with various body shapes. And the eye color becomes an extraordinary and interesting one to see. The eye is the most expressive attribute of the face. Human eyes are diverse. The following is a list of countries with the most beautiful eyes in the world.

1 Sweden

The first European country known for its blue-eyed beauty is Sweden. It is undeniable that this country which is located in the north of Europe does have a blue population of women. Most women in Sweden are descent from immigrants from Finland.

With the beauty of Swedish girls, it’s no wonder that many of the world’s men are infatuated. And even make Swedish women the target of their partners. 

Swedish women are known to have beautiful skin, blue eyeballs, and a tall, slender body. They are also equipped with intelligence and a high level of confidence that makes Swedish women a woman with the perfect combination, both in appearance and personality.

2 Polandia

The country that has a flag almost similar to Indonesia is indeed known for its beautiful women. Blue-eyed women in Poland come from a nation that had migrated from England, Finland and beyond. At present, almost 70% of the entire Polish female population has blue eyes.

According to research, there is no blue pigment in the eye, but due to lack of a pigment called melanin in the eye, it can make a person’s eyeballs brighter one of which produces blue. Polandia one of the list countries with the most beautiful eyes.

3 Norwegia

This country is a neighboring country directly with Sweden, no wonder that there are many similarities from its inhabitants, especially beautiful blue-eyed women in Norway and Sweden which are almost the same.

As for 50% of the female population in this royal country blue-eyed. In addition, most women in this country also have blonde hair. If you want a wife with beautiful and charming blue eyes, there’s no harm in looking in this country.

4 Italia

The country, which is famous for its various offerings, is has a rating ninth with the most beautiful female population in the world. Italian women are famous for being very classy because they care about their appearance.

Most Italian women also have a beautiful brown body and eye postures and have a high level of confidence. According to research, the color of brown eyeballs arises because more eye melanin is in the iris stroma, so the more melanin will be content the darker the eyeball.

5 Irlandia

Ireland is famous as a country with a very unique genetic makeup. Initially, this country had black hair and dark eyes. But around 4,000 years ago, because there was migration from various regions of the world.

The population born have color with the dominant color blue. Even the percentage of births with blue eyes is greater in women. 

6 United States of America

The hazel eye color is a rare one because the amount of melanin can find in the iris stroma is much lower than the blue eyeball. Someone often feels wrong when determining the color of these eyeballs, which are more often call it by name brown and even green.

The results showed that a person with hazel eyes had the characteristics of his pupil brown circumference. This eye color is often can find in the United States and several European countries.

That’s a list of countries with the most beautiful eyes in the world. most have blue eyeballs. but not a few who have eyeballs in other colors.