How to Take Care of Kitten without their Mothers


A cat usually has about 2-5 kittens, every time they gave birth. To survive, a kitten needs help from not only the mother but also the master. However, like a human, some kitten does not a mother to lie on. Sometimes kitten is even separated with their mother because the kitten is often eaten by their own mother. In the end, the master would replace the position of the mother for the kitten. So what are the important things to know about how to take care of kitten?

Pet shoppers would usually give a minimum of 8 weeks old kitten. It is suggested that kitten needs to be accompanied by their mother until at least 6 weeks. It could stimulate the kitten’s social development and behavior. However, how about taking care of kitten from our previous cat that has given birth? Especially when kitten needs to separate from their mother. Here are some useful tips on how to take care of kitten.

1. Create a nice warm environment

Newborn kitten is not able to control the temperature of their body and could not warmth themselves. Therefore, provide them with a warm bottle that is wrapped with a towel to heat them. Make some spaces also for the kitten’s bed with a box filled with soft clothes.

2. Feeding kitten

An important thing to pay attention to how to take care of kitten is the feeding. Even though the mother could not breastfeed them, the kitten still needs to drink milk. It is important to not feed a kitten that contains cow milk. The sugar or lactose in it would cause the kitten stomach ache. Simply buy cat milk in pet shops. Remember to serve the milk in a warm state.

3. How to lit kitten while feeding

Some people carry kitten the wrong way when feeding. The correct way is, let one front foot being beneath and the other one on their head. This position is currently like they are breastfeeding from their mother. The wrong position might cause them choking or breathless.

4. Help kitten to defecate and urine

One thing that people rarely know about on how to take care of kitten is their defecating and urine process. They could not pee and poop by themselves until kittens are a few weeks old.. Use wet cotton to rub its genitals and anus with a one-way movement. This would stimulate the kitten to defecate and urine

5. Check up to Vets

Make a general checkup for kittens to vets. Not only to maintain their weight and development growth but also prevent the kitten from worms and parasites. It is important as well to give vaccine is a specific age. If the kitten suddenly experiences odd or different things, bring immediately to the vet for further treatment.

Taking care of kitten might be tricky but actually, it is a fun thing to do. Kitten is an animal that is very sociable and loves to play. However, make sure to know how to take care of kitten the right way.