Easy Ways How to Reduce Puffy Face

Easy Ways How to Reduce Puffy Face


There’s a time when you wake up and find your face become puff up. Your eyes are swollen and so your face. This can make your morning messed up. The cause of the puffy face is varied. It can be from water retention, allergies or stress. Here is the happy news, a Puffy face is not everlasting. You can get rid of your puffy face to get back your beauty. Then, this is how to reduce puffy face.

Easy Ways How to Reduce Puffy Face

1. Drink enough water

Drink enough water is not only good for the body. It is also can help you reduce and prevent the swollen on your face. The belief that drinks a lot of water can make face to be bloated is non-sense. When you lack adequate intake water, your body will get dehydration. It will cause blood vessels to enlarge and lead to water retention. If it happens in the face, it will cause your puffy face. To prevent such condition you should get adequate hydration by drink 6 to 8 glass of water. 

2. Rinse The Face With Cool Water

When you found your face is swollen, you can reduce it by rinsing your face with cool water. To make it more effective you can add the ice and then dunk your face in the sink. Don’t use warm or hot water as it can increase swelling. On the contrary, cold water will shrink capillaries that will lead to fluid drainage. As a result, your swollen will be reduced.

3. Compress The Face

One of the methods on how to reduce puffy face is by compressing your face. Warp some ice in the cloth and hold it on your face. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also go to the pharmacy to get a cooling mask. Chill it in the freezer before applying it to your face. 

4. Do Sleeping Beauty

People often say that sleeping can keep beauty. And it is the truth. As for the puffy face, you can reduce it by getting enough sleep. Not only that, when goes to sleep you have to keep your head elevated. This can be done by sleeping on two or three pillows. An elevated head can help to reduce fluid retention, especially in the eyes area. By doing this you will find your face no longer has a puffy face. 

5. Reduce Salt Consumption

A puffy face can also come from your dietary habits. High salt consumption is one of the reasons that make your face swollen. It is because salt likes to retain fluid in the body, causing puffiness. So, If you want to reduce your puffy face you can start by reducing your salt consumption. Avoid carbonated drinks and salty snacks or food with a high sodium level.

That is the way how to reduce puffy face. A beautiful face without flaw is a dream to everyone. With a healthy lifestyle, not only your body will get healthier, but you can also reduce and prevent a puffy face.