Famous Education YouTube Channel For Your Kids

Famous Education YouTube Channel For Your Kids


Giving the best education for kids can now be done in many ways. With the development of technology and the internet, kids can now learn by their selves just by watching YouTube. It may sound not right and odd. However, these days a famous education YouTube channel can teach your kids. Just by watching, kids can learn how to count, stories about history and many more. Of course, they still must be supervised by their parents. But at least this way kids can learn by playing. People also say that children learn faster by watching rather than listening.

A famous education YouTube channel is available for all ages. You just need to determine what to learn and search for it on YouTube. Even though it is educational, make sure to supervise and limit the time of watching. Here are some toddler channels that will are very useful:

1. Sesame Street

Which kids don’t love sesame street? With the lovable characters, kids will surely be happy to see the channel. On the show, the characters do not only entertain the watcher by singing. But, they also teach counting, and knowing shape. They normally update the content. Therefore, kids can learn something new more every time they watch the channel.

2. Story Bots

An entertaining YouTube channel for kids is Story Bots. The characters in the channel are robots made in the cartoon. There are many concepts that they deliver, from learning animals, transportation, and foods. To make it easy for kids to catch the topic, they sing catchy songs to make it more interesting. Throughout the video, they also insert some jokes to make it more entertaining. Be aware, some of the jokes might not be acceptable for some families.

3. Houston Zoo

If your kids are into animals, check out Houston Zoo. This channel shows watchers many educational places in the world. Therefore, kids and their parents can see and learn from this video. They usually show places in the USA. So, for those who can’t go far by a person can watch this video.

4. Khan Academy

For bigger kids who are having difficulty in school can watch Khan Academy. This famous education YouTube channel will explain subjects in school. And explain solutions to help. Many subjects are available on this channel such as math, science, and chemistry. The channel is suitable for elementary until high school kids. The subjects discussed are available by their grades.

5. Smart Girls

A bit different but also a fun educational channel for kids is Smart Girls. In this channel, many DIY projects can be done by kids. The DIY shown in the channel is easy, simple and safe for kids to do their selves. To inspire little girls, the channel also provides profiles of successful women.

Although all these channels are famous education YouTube Channel, ensure to always supervise your kids when watching YouTube. Thus, sometimes there can be a time that the contents might are not suitable for our kids. Give a slot of time to watch. And be disciplined with the time.