Types Of Educational Level In The USA

Types Of Educational Level In The USA


Education is a must when it comes to kids in America. Despite the education level in the USA, every child in the USA must go to school. Or at least has the right to complete until high school for their education. Therefore, the government fully supports the needs of educators by allocating $500 trillion for schools in the USA.

Types Of Educational Level In The USA

The range of ages in each level of education in the USA is different. But mostly to determine students enter primary school is 5 to 6 years old. Here is an explanation of the education level in the USA:

1. Primary school

The first level of education is a primary school. This level starts from Kindergarten until grade 5. Not all areas are the same, but most districts apply primary school until grade 5. Normally kids starting from 5-6 old will be starting primary school. In this level of education, children will be taught basic subjects such as math, art, and language. The teachers are also educated and certified with childhood education. Therefore, the teachers teaching your kids are guaranteed in the hand of an expert. As for the students, usually, one class will consist of 20-25 kids only. The amount is not too big. This is so that teachers can easily control their students.

2.  Middle School

The second education level in the USA for junior high school usually starts in the 6th grade, where some start in the 7th grade. Usually, kids at this level are from ages 11-14. Most schools apply moving class for this level. And students can choose any subjects that they want with the requirement of credits. Overall, students will have to go through this level in 3 years.

3. High School

The next level of education is high school. The subjects available in high school are more complicated and full. This is due to prepare students before going to a higher level of education which can be college. Despite the more complicated subjects, students can choose what subjects they want to join. On the other hand, there are mandatory subjects that must be taken from the first year. Some of the mandatory subjects are science, physical education, English and math. As for the elective subjects, students can choose subjects based on their passion.

4. College

After the three levels above, there is no obligation for children to continue to college. But after high school, many students continue to join college. In this level of education, students are more flexible in choosing their department and subject they want. Like most bachelor’s degrees, this education level will also take 4 years.

One of the most advantages of the education level in the USA is free from education fees until high school. Therefore, every kid must be able to finish their education until high school because it’s free. As for those who are planning to continue to college do not need to worry. The government commits to giving its citizens the best education. So, the government will provide many scholarships for college students who have difficulties in education fees.