Try These Eco Green Vehicles Invention To Save Our Environment

Try These Eco Green Vehicles Invention To Save Our Environment


Energy derived from fossil fuels is increasingly depleting its supply in the world. For this reason, many countries in the world are diversifying with alternative energy. Alternative energy also continues to be sought to replace human dependence on fuel oil. The following are the eco green vehicles invention.

Try These Eco Green Vehicles Invention To Save Our Environment

1. Electric Car (Low Carbon Emission Vehicle / LCEV)

The Government of Indonesia seeks to accelerate the development of environmentally friendly production of low carbon emission vehicles (LCEV), including electric vehicles. This is done as a form of the government’s seriousness to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The eco green vehicles invention includes electric cars. Electric vehicles are proven to be environmentally friendly and support GHG emission reduction. Reduce GHG emissions by 29 percent independently and by 41 percent with international assistance in 2030.

These conditional targets will achieve it by reducing GHG emissions. In the forestry sector (17.2 percent), energy (11 percent), agriculture (0.32 percent) , industry (0.10 percent) and waste (0.38 percent).

Stages that have been made by the Indonesian government are the development of Energy Saving and Affordable Motorized Vehicles (KBH2). Which will then be continued with hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.

Airlangga said the strategy of developing LCEV and electric vehicles can be carried out through several stages. Including providing incentives to vehicles with low carbon emissions. As well as conducting studies and socializing the use of electric vehicles.

2. Hybrid Cars

In overcoming vehicle dependence on BBM; LIPI, through the Center for Electric Power and Mechatronics Research (P2-Telimek), applies electrification technology in the field of transportation. This technology is useful to electric cars and hybrid cars.

The program in this vehicle is to have a purpose to save fuel and start reducing dependence on fossil fuels. The translation of LIPI for the development of transportation leads to an environmentally friendly system.

During this time, conventional vehicles suck high fuel consumption, alarming emissions, high operational costs, and maintenance costs that are not small. Therefore, they believe, environmentally friendly technology for vehicles exists in electric power sources. In other words, electricity is flexible energy with a variety of sources.

For electric cars, LIPI used an old car, the Toyota Kijang in 1994. This car will replace by an electric motor made from lead-acid batteries. Power steering and AC do not install it because will suck up a lot of energy. The motion of this car depends on the battery.

So, the system is a plugin or plugged into a power source for charging. Therefore, this car only has a purpose as an urban vehicle, not outside the city. The ability of the battery is a distance of about 75 kilometers.

3. Electric Motors

The next discovery of eco-green technology came from students from ITS (Surabaya Sepuluh November Institute of Technology) together with Garansindo. An electric motor in the form of an electric automatic scooter have name Garansindo.

Electric Scooter ITS or abbreviated as GESITS. For the power produced, this two-wheeled vehicle can reach 100 KM/hour compared to other electric motors.

Those are some of the eco green vehicles invention in Indonesia. Trying the vehicle is a mandatory activity. So, it can make recommendations from other countries to be able to develop other eco-green vehicle products.