diaper rash home remedies

Diaper Rash Home Remedies That Every Newly Mom Must Know

diaper rash home remedies

Don’t be panic if your baby gets a diaper rash. It is common and normal to happen to every kid. You just have to know how to cure it with the right treatment. In this article, you will find the diaper rash home remedies that are very simple. It might also prevent the next rash or irritation. But once the skin gets worse, it is better for you to see the doctor.

Actually, the best treatment to avoid the rash is to keep your baby clean and dry. When you change the diaper, lay down the baby on the dry towel. Give them a free diaper time might also help prevent the rash. Never rub the skin too hard, just pour the water or wipe using the tissue without alcohol. Then, don’t wrap the diaper too tight. Here are the diaper rash home remedies if your baby already gets one:

1. Coconut Oil

There is no research that proves coconut oil is effective for diaper rash. But some people successfully cure the itch, irritation, and skin inflammation with coconut oil. It helps to provide a skin barrier, which necessary to protect skin from the rash. Use the oil in the proper amount, then it is still safe for infants. Also, monitor the skin reaction after applying the oil.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar can treat the diaper rash problem. Dilute the vinegar with a cup or water, then apply to their bottom. You can also clean their clothes using this vinegar. If your baby has certain irritation, apple cider vinegar might help you through this.

3. Baking Soda

Just like the apple cider vinegar, baking soda is also helpful in curing the diaper rash. Take two tablespoons of baking soda and then dissolve into warm water. Let your baby soak a little longer and let the baking soda soothes your baby’s skin and reduce the pain of the rash. Wipe all their bodies using soft washcloth before you take them out.

4. Breast Milk

You will be amazed by how magic your breastmilk is. It is not only good for your baby’s nutrition, but it is the best cure ever. Using breastmilk for the diaper rash is safe and very effective. There was a study proven the use of breastmilk for the diaper rash. The research showed that applying breastmilk on the rash is as effective as using an ointment. Thus, never underestimate your breastmilk, mommies!

5. Olive Oil

Many parents use olive oil for massaging their babies. But, you can also use the oil to cure the diaper rash. It is safe to reduce itch or irritation. More than that, olive oil is able to prevent your baby from bacteria. You can melt the oil in warm water, or just apply it properly on the rash.

Those are our tips for diaper rash home remedies. However, you still need to see the doctor when the skin is breaking. If the condition is getting worse, you don’t only need the cream. But also an antibiotic to cure the infection.