Best Baby Bottle Brands Mostly Used by Mommies Around the World


Feeding a baby is an exciting experience for every mom. It is not about filling their stomachs but also building your bonding with them. But sometimes you need another thing to help you, such as a bottle. Choosing the right bottle is important, so you cannot just pick any bottle in front of you. Here we have listed best baby bottle brands that loved by mommies around the world.

These best baby bottle brands below are recommended by the pediatrician. They are trusted and experienced in producing mom and baby’s products. You can find it easily around the world, so that what makes this brand well-known globally. See the brands here and you might need to take notes to compare them:

1.      Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottles

This brand actually has run for a long time. Day by day it innovates their product until they created Philips AVENT Natural Baby. They made it through long research based on mom and baby’s needs. Philips AVENT has become the best-brand in 2019 for the baby’s bottle. Now it is available in two types, the glass, and plastic version. The nipple seems like a slightly narrower overall bottle. It soft, compliant, and fast latch-on. Within its twin-valve venting system, your baby is far from cholic caused by gas entered.

2. Dr. Brown’s Original Baby Bottle

It has been the best-seller of the baby’s bottle around the world. Since 1996, Dr. Brown’s bottle has been known as the gas-free and anti-cholic, and anti-fuss bottle. The pediatricians designed the bottle, so it must be guaranteed very good for your baby. There is a system with a two-piece venting. It avoids your baby from a negative pressure “vacuum”. If you are bridging breastfeeding to bottle, then it is a perfect choice.

3. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

This brand is popular among moms with babies and toddlers. You don’t have hesitation with its products. Seeing the shape, vent, and nipple design, you will directly agree that they have a standard. Even though the bottle body is wide, it is very ergonomic for the baby. The nipple also does a retraction movement. Thus, it feels like directly feeding on mom’s nipple. Above all, the other advantages of Tommee Tippee are the bottle very easy to clean.

4. MAM Anti-Cholic Bottles

Just like the name, choosing this bottle avoids your little one from the cholic. It has three sizes which are 5 ounces, 9 ounces, and 11 ounces for the hungry baby. MAM applies a new technology “SkinSoft” nipple. It has a very slight silicone that helps the baby keeps the bottle in mouth. No slipping at all. Also, the unique semi-flat nipple comforts your baby while enjoying the milk.

5. Nuk Simply Natural Baby Bottles

It is also the global brand for a baby bottle. No matter you are in the US, Asia, and anywhere, Nuk is one of the popular brands. If you concern about your baby’s mouth development and their organs inside, then Nuk is the best bottle. Its nipple is based on orthodontic research. As a result, it corrects the tongue and mouth. However, you don’t need to worry about the anti-cholic. Hence, Nuk is a baby bottle with complete features.

Those are our recommendations Mom. Hopefully, it eases your mind to choose the right bottle. Now is the time to decide the best baby bottle brands.