5 Tips on How to Take Care of Parrot Fish


Fish is one of the easiest animals to have as a pet. Owners will not need to worry about their house getting dirty or foods scattered around the house. A unique fish that people can pet at their house is parrotfish, or more specifically the red parrotfish. There are red and green parrotfish, but the ones people can pet in an aquarium is the red parrotfish. This fish is categorized new and was developed in Taiwan in the 1980s. Because it is a bit different from other fishes, the owner must know how to take care of parrot fish.

Like other fishes, to pet a fish you will need general items such as tanks, food for the fish, etc. The details are what make the caring of this fish different from other fishes. To help the fish live longer, people must consider the size of the tank, temperature, and foods they consume. Yes, it is a bit complex, but you will enjoy it. Here are some tips on how to take care of parrot fish.

1. Tank Size & Set up

The size of an average parrotfish is between 6-8 inches, depending on its gender. However, it can grow up to 10 inches, even though it is rare. Keep in mind the size of the fish and choose a tank size that can fit the fish and its accessories. The minimum tank people usually use is 30 gallons with an additional 10-gallons for every additional one. Don’t worry about buying a bigger tank, as fish like to swim around. Don’t forget to add hiding places such as caves, rocks and other pieces into the tank. Also, ensure to set the temperature between 76-80 Fahrenheit.

2. Feeding

Another way on how to take care of parrot fish is by maintaining a well-balanced diet for the fish. Parrotfish are omnivorous feeders, so they can eat anything they like. People must be careful about this because it can cause fish to be oversized too. Therefore, give your fish nutrition foods like flakes or pellets that contain cichlids. Guppies are another option of liver feeder fish that can be given to your pets. Whatever kind of food you choose to give to the pets, ensure to always watch them out. Make sure they eat all the foods that are given to them.

3. Treating their Disease

The lack of temperature and hiding places can cause diseases to occur in parrotfish. A type of disease that usually occurs is ich which usually spreads quickly. A way to prevent this from spreading is by increasing the temperature in the tank. Increase it to 86 Fahrenheit for three days and monitor it daily. However, if this way doesn’t work, you can chemicals inside the water to vanish the bacteria.

4. Accessories

Parrotfish mostly like to fish around and hide at clay pots or caves that are in their tanks. Therefore, ensure to put enough of these accessories inside. Even though having many caves, you won’t need to worry about them not coming out. They are playful fish that will come out to greet their owners when they come.

5. Tank Mate

Some people say that it is better not to add additional tank mates into the tank. However, this is not totally true if you put in the right mate. Choose younger cichlids or the same size fish to the tank. Just make sure that the tank is enough for them all.

So, taking care of a Parrotfish is quite complicated in the beginning with many requirements. However, seeing your pet live long is also happiness. Just do these steps on how to take care of parrot fish, and your fish will be healthy. Don’t forget to monitor them daily too to prevent anything from happening.