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February 10 2015


A number of Amazing facts about Apple

It was when Steve Jobs, among the very most renowned leader and innovator of our time, had passed away. But years later, his legacy lives on and Apple became the most precious company on the planet in the year 2014. After his departure, not much altered with the business and it continues with its secretive ways and techniques in the making of their products. So many fascinating facts exist about this business that you probably have never heard of, unless of course in the event you are an aficionado of Apple and its products. Let's analyze some of the very fascinating truth about Apple Inc. I'm sure you'll be amazed and they may give you a glimplse of the secret recipes that turn out such revolutionary products as iPhone and the iPod. 

No other firm surpasses Apple Inc in being secretive, with their secrecy being remarkable and well-known across the globe. It is hard to believe that no other individuals (other than for Steve Jobs and his small team of engineers) has seen what an iPhone looked like when it was initially introduced in 2007. While such secrecy is exceptional, it's not thinkable of how they'd managed to do it. Some pundits have frequently asserted the business frequently comes up with forgery projects so as to have a tryout of how trusted their workers can be with Apple's secrets. Then they're fired, if a worker who has been tasked with such a project gets any info to leak out. 

Until Android's ascent, everybody is aware that Apple is Microsoft's biggest enemy. What the majority of people do not realize is the $150 million investment that Bill Gates invested in Apple back in the year 1997. You'll discover that it was the year when Apple was on the advantage of liquidation and Steve Jobs made a comeback to the company that had fired him a couple of years back, should you follow back on the history of Apple. In 2003, Microsoft has completely sold off their Apple shares but it would have been worth more than $20 billion in 2014 if they'd not done so. 

In 2013, a research study revealed that the revenue per worker at Apple is off the charts. Every Apple's employee creates a whole $2. 13 million in income for the business. This really is an insane amount if you consider that each IBM employee merely brings in revenue for the company in less than $250,000. After Apple in second area is Cisco with $500,000 coming much behind annual sales per worker making this amount quite far-fetched from Apple's. It would be intriguing to see how far Apple is determined to push on with this type of tendency, and if shattering their very own record would even be potential in the future. 

Many folks already understand how Apple launch day for new products is anticipated globally. Apple products are frequently the most awaited and this business really enjoys customer loyalty like no other. Thousands of fans queue for hours every year on the start day merely to be the first to purchase new products. There hasn't been another episode of supporters lining up for hundreds of hours on the launching day and this just happens for Apple. In 2014, a Japanese man made the headline before the product was announced by queueing for the iPhone 6. 

Apple continues to amaze us all at how well they've done, now that we are at the start of the new millenium. As a company and as a brand, they keep on shattering of what's feasible, convictions. They keep on flying higher to areas where no person thought it's ever conceivable. Tim Cook had a huge shoes to fill upon the departure of Steve Jobs back in 2011. Despite all the skepticism, we have seen that Tim Cook and his team are capable of keeping the growth and performance of the company's. It's one thing to reach success, as we all understand, but another to maintain it. The forthcoming few years are going to be interesting on account of all of us observing keenly to see whether the scheduled release of the Apple Watch will soon be another revolutionary hit or a miss.

February 09 2015


What I discover about the Disruptive Tech & Innovation

A well-known saying tells us that the only thing constant in this world is change. There is great truth in this quote, especially where technology is concerned as well as the tumultuous impact it has had on our everyday lives. The record of such technologies or businesses can be never-ending but I have compiled a few that I felt profoundly affected. What I listed below are initiations that has massively changed my lifestyle and how I work as a whole. With technology, a lot of the tasks that were previously impossible have now become possible, while many other jobs can be done productively. 's am hoping you can enjoy a look at these innovations that are wonderful.

Apple Pay is one of the very most recent payment technologies that lead one to anticipate an entire transformation in how we use our money to purchase things. I have made it a custom in the last couple of years to not carry money with me when I go out. Swiping at my credit card was my primary mode of payment until Apple Pay came along and made it even less difficult to make payments. I am an early adopter of Apple Pay and I've been hooked to it since the very first time I began using it. The main difference may sound small but you wish every retailer will begin accepting Apple Pay soon, once you've started using it.

For anybody who shares files online often, you'll understand just how frustrating it might be occasionally. Though e-mail may have no major issues with managing a few MBs of attachments now, the syncing of bigger files between many computers has always been a pain in the neck for most of us. Until the introduction of Dropbox. It significantly affected how we arrange our personal files and the function of small-scale companies. Dropbox almost removed the expenses of storage for users entirely and revolutionized online storage for companies. Such companies as Microsoft, Google and Box are offering services that are similar but I found them nowhere as easy to utilize as Dropbox.

Social media as a concept had been with us for decades, but it was Facebook that made it a vital part of our daily living as well as an international reality. Facebook is not without its controversy but its influence is really huge that nearly all the World political leaders are including Facebook as a political medium. It is simply an amazing happening to so many of us due to how it lets us connect with a number of our long lost buddies. In 2014, Facebook had the greatest amount of users with the absolute number nearly reaching a billion. I've always tried to fathom over that time when each and every man in the planet becomes a part of Facebook.

With a growing number of people Internet traffic is on its summit as well as the data rates are going down. The age of SMSing (Short Messaging System) has been absolutely destroyed down with the advent of Whatsapp and other similar messaging systems. Now, Whatsapp has interrupted SMS, from the easy reason that Whatsapp convey more effectively and better and enables its users to text. Starting a group is painless, and with a single click you can now text or air a message to an entire group easily. This entire bundle of pros looked impossible before the arrival of Whatsapp. Facebook in the year 2014 valued at a mind blowing twenty billion dollars during the time of this revolutionizing company's acquisition it.

The most'm not particularly savvy about technology but i attempt to stay informed of the most recent technologies in order to stay relevant. Something advanced and technically new comes up almost every day. And by the looks of it, technology disruptions and the endless changes in our lives will not end. I believe an increasing number of industries revolutionized and will probably be changed by approaching disruptive innovations, whatever they may be. Should you have any exciting technologies or some opinions to share, do feel free to lose your opinion below.

February 08 2015


Strangest Places on Earth you probably are not aware of

The world ending and is filled with numerous intriguing in which some only don't have any logical explanation to their origin. The amount of odd places to find in the entire world is plenty, but some of them actually outdo the rest in terms of weirdness. For someone like me who enjoys traveling and hunting for things out of the ordinary, I believed it will be pleasant to be put together a listing of some of the strangest places to see. Though I have not visited a bulk of these areas, I will certainly see one day if I get a chance and included them in my compilation. So, I believed that I should also share them with you and I am hoping you're going to appreciate. 

They'd likely give the like of Manhattan and Tokyo as their answer, in the event you inquire a large variety of individuals which is the densest city in the whole world. It comes to be that even though these cities are densely populated, it is in no place as compact as Kowloon. Some people find this to be unbelievable since those who've been to Manhattan or Tokyo believed the limitation is about there. It's hard to imagine how anyone could endure to reside within a city, if it is more densely populated. That is certainly what the residents of Kowloon have been living in for a long time now. Kowloon is in fact around 5 times more densely populated than the city of New York. 

Every one of us long to retire eventually in our life. Our thoughts about perfect retirement depend on individual thinking but there is one town, a home of retirees, that recently made the headlines. The Villages is reported to be among the greatest retirement community on the planet. Located in a location like Florida, The Vilages sounds like an idyllic retirement area. But this is far from the reality on the ground with The Villages having been recently thrust into the limelight because of the absolute variety of scandals and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) reported there. Restaurants golf courses, country clubs and bars are found in abundance in The Village, making it resemble a perfect retirees' hometown, but not when outdoor sex and scandals are prevalent like we have come to know of late. 

Miyake-jima Island is a town that is one of the oddest areas on the planet for the main reason that everybody who leaves in it need to at all times carry a gas mask. This is because these people live in the center of one of the deadliest volcanos, Mount Oyama. A public emergency system is constantly on standby to caution inhabitants of any rise in gas that is toxic. I consistently can not comprehend why these individuals still determine going back to place their lives at such high-risk situation. I think there are just some strange things that are fortified inside us and no one can completely get it. 

The high temperature and dryness can make actually disagreeable living condition and that is some thing that all of us know. I was amazed when I found that there exists an underground city bustling with life that is located right at the center of a desert. Situated about under a thousand kilometers to the north of Adelaide, this underground city is named Coober Pedy. It is an underground city that was built when inhabitants recognized life below the earth would be much more comfortable than dryness and the scorching heat of a desert landscape above. Amazingly, it's a complete city that has all needed amenities including churches, health facilities and even a four star luxurious eatery. 

This is only a tiny record of weird areas that exist on this earth. To be honest, the fact that these places really exist still finding them taught me to be a bit more open-minded than I was before and surpasses my imagination. I am looking forward to the day when I can visit some of the areas although others sound very scary even to think about let alone travel to see them firsthand. Even though it's said that a picture speaks a thousand words, what you feel unless you really step into these places, and experience cannot be reached. I'm sure more odd spots will probably be found and I am going to attempt to keep this list updated. 

December 23 2014


2014's 10 Most Memorable Tweets

  • Ellen's Selfie Breaks New Twitter Record

  • Football Fans took the World Cup Final to Twitter

  • Alibaba IPO biggest ever

  • Facebook to buy Whatsapp for $19 Billion

  • Flight MH370 went missing

  • Malaysia Airlines MH17 was mistaken as enemy plane and shot down by Pro-Russia Rebels

  • Ebola Outbreak Spreads like Wildfire in West Africa

  • Robin Williams died in apparent suicide

  • Hello Kitty is not a Cat

  • Duchess of Cambridge to give birth to second baby

December 12 2014

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A glance into my life

I can never forget how I felt when my doctor explained that I was pregnant. Indeed it is one of those particular times in a woman's life when happiness can barely be fathomed. If you have gone by means of this period in your lifetime then you very well understand what a mix of emotions and feelings you experience on that cherished case. On the other hand, regardless how much happiness an expectant mom might sense, it is also clear to feel equally apprehensive about it.

After months of anticipation and waiting, it's time to finally embrace your child in your arm. If you're a first time parents, I wager you'd be confused by the job forward. You cannot be actually completely prepared for everything, despite all the research and reading that you may do as things rarely go according to your plan and you have to make quick adjustments, which is when your natural instincts as parents come in to play. Truly there are numerous things to prepare to ensure your baby just gets the best care, like the appropriate food to eat down to the appropriate toddler bedding.

Obviously the beginning years of parenthood are undoubtedly fairly tough but best is to love these years whenever possible. Time flies and in the blink of an eye, earlier than you know it, your child would grow up and caught roaming the whole house. It depends upon how a cleanliness freak you are. The delight that kids can bring to their parents are priceless, but when they start infringing each room in the home, then you're sure upward for a another problem.

One home equipment that any new parents will find highly useful is hoover. I understand there are a lot of vacuum cleaner manufacturers out there actively promoting their products and touting their superiority against others. Thus, the project of locating one that may work for you can be a bit demanding, so you should invest time comparing what every one's ability is, and not be carried away by their enticing ads.

Parentage is obviously demanding and taxing and needs a lot of sacrifices and the first forfeit that must be done is producing changes in your life-style. Even basic things like shopping may become challenging as it is almost impossible to do that if you consider your kid along. That is exactly why majority of the moms make sure they are not caught in this position. If you're like me, need regular dose of gourmet espresso to survive, getting yourself a fantastic coffee machine could be the next best choice if heading to near-by Starbucks factory outlet isn't any longer an option. Welcome to my website, and might you find my stories both interesting and educational.
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